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Search in the Demon Country~

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Search in the Demon Country~

Post by Akahana Hyuuga~ on Fri May 28, 2010 3:50 pm

I had currently been at the Waterfall Village with the Kage, Zane. She and I had become quite good friends, and she would protect me no matter what. I knew that somewhere in her heart, I was a part of it. But as I was talking to her and telling her what happened, I received word from my father to find a missing Hyuuga and bring him back to the Main Branch household. There were reports of him wandering around and I needed to find him and bring him back for a talk. As soon as this paper arrived, I read it and explained to Zane that I must do this. She full-heartedly understood and allowed me to go. Her last goodbyes to me were to be safe and careful, good luck, and to come visit sometime. Those were promises I could fulfill, I hoped.

As I set out on my way, I began to realize I was basically defenseless, but besides that fact I needed to be brave, I could not back down now. My father was counting on me for this one. This made me wonder, how and why was he letting me do this? Normally he would use someone else, a more reliable Hyuuga, he would call them, so why is he allowing me to do this? Does he actually have faith in me? I was in the gates of the Demon Country, and soon I was let in by the guards. I walked to the center of the village. I did not like the feel of this place... it was eerie and lonely. It had a "demonic presence" to it. It scared the wits out of me, but I had to be strong, I had to brave... I had to find this Hyuuga. I thought it shouldn't be that hard, look for someone with Byakugan. However, he could be anywhere. I started scoping high and low and no luck. Soon I ran into a person in the village whom might be able to help.

"H-hello there, I-I'm looking for a Hyuuga. H-he's male, and s-short w-with black hair t-that's spiked. M-Might you know w-where he is? H-he's said to reside in t-this village..~"I spoke this shyly to the woman whom seemed to think it was adorable and cute. She nodded softly before speaking to me in a kind tone of voice, yet a mysterious one.

"Why yes, dear. He resides in this village. He might be over by the training grounds or he could just be back at that house from a mission."She seemed to point at one house that was on the other side of the village but in that direction. I nodded shyly and began slowly on my way over to that side and part of the village. Hopefully I could find this Hyuuga..~
Akahana Hyuuga~
Akahana Hyuuga~

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Re: Search in the Demon Country~

Post by Akahana Hyuuga~ on Fri May 28, 2010 5:23 pm

On my way however, I ran into trouble. I had been so clever in avoiding trouble up till now, I thought I could try playing the clever card again. Hopefully it would work, however this guy did not look easy with the mind tricks. I knew what he wanted directly: A fight. Might as well keep this note safe first before talking with him.

"E-Excuse me, m-may I help you?"I spoke rather shyly towards the boy, my head was facing towards the ground, my eyes not meeting his. It was clear to him that I was weak and vulnerable, not one for confrontation. However, from the looks of it, he did not look to be that hard to beat. His rank at most, a genin, I summed up.

"Yea, you may help me. Fight me."He spoke that rather rudely and inconsiderately. He was a cold type boy. I suppose living in this eerie place was enough to make someone become tough like he was. I knew this kid's anger was not going to subside any sooner that it had come so I lightly put my note away into a pocket of my bottoms that I was sure it would be secure in. Then I got into a Hyuuga stance, though I did not know any palm jutsu since I had the inability to use my Byakugan. I was young but getting stronger and stronger each day with the help of my father and my friend Anri. They were always so supportive of me, and though I had no confidence, I'll do what I could do.

"Very w-well... I-I'll fight..."I sounded reluctant to the kid and then came the teasing. This of course did not make me mad, but it's when he began to slander one of my most sacred things did he well up a fist of anger within myself.

"Are you telling me you're scared? You?! You're a Hyuuga.. Hyuuga's are fearless and scared of nothing. Heck, I know some Hyuugas that are Kages of villages and here you are being pathetic and worthless. Useless even. What?! You can't use your Byakugan? How pathetic is that? I suppose your father didn't raise you right did he? You'll always be Daddy's little girl and that's it.. you'll never learn to fight well, and you'll never be a true Hyuuga.."He smirked knowing damn well that that last statement was enough to get anyone, especially me, angry. Soon I looked down again and got out of a Hyuuga stance to lightly clench my fists. It seemed I was about to cry, and from his facial expression he was about to laugh. However, I looked up at him, a different emotion expressed in my eyes, and a different person along with that. It seemed that the rage had taken over and formed a new person.

"You know what kid? You talk a lot don't you? I bet you very well like the sound of your own voice don't you? Well listen here, boy, if it's a fight you want, then bring it on. If not, go run to your mom and dad and say how you were too afraid to face the heir of the Hyuuga clan. So don't go preaching to me that I'll never be a true member of the Hyuuga clan, because I'm already their princess..."He seemed shocked at the transition within me and more scared now then ever. I suppose he sensed the anger within me and the ferociousness that could come with it. I got back into the Hyuuga stance and got ready to fight. He shakily got back into his puny stance and I awaited his attack to be the first move. It seemed as though through this I had watched myself actually become stronger...
Akahana Hyuuga~
Akahana Hyuuga~

Number of posts : 210
Location : Konoha.

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