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Sumi Clan Bloodline and Traits

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Sumi Clan Bloodline and Traits

Post by Akumu Sumi on Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:59 pm

Clan Name: Sumi Clan

Bloodline: Tattoo Art Style

Doujutsu,Ninjutsu Style,Element or Unique Abilitys: Ninjutsu and Elemental

Unique Traits/Powers: This bloodline allows its user to create tattoos on their bodies and then bring them to life. They can use their tattoos for any purpose they choose and is a main reason that a Sumi member must be selective on what tattoo the create because like all tattoos they are on their bodies forever. The tattoos can be used for offensive, defensive or other actions like spying or tracking. Also if bleeding to much they can use their ink as blood for a duration of 3 days brfore either passing out or dying if pushed to far

Strengths: This arts main strength is the fact its so adaptible and can be used in almost any situation for many reasons. They also train hard to increase their chakra levels that surpass normal ninjas, So they can use all their arts and element.Based on the ninja their tattoos they never are copies of others (Outside The Untamed Mark) which make each Sumi member unique when it comes to battle.

Weaknesses: The first weakness known is that Sumi who are tattoo users can not learn more than 1 Element but the try to work with this weakness by learning only a advance elemental style instead of a basic form. With chakra used alot on the art, they must train in chakra expansion to become a true master.

The second weakness is that if someone is able to damage all a Sumi's tattoos will leave the ninja not only seriously injury to the Sumi but with their art destroyed the tattoos become useless until either the Sumi is healed or they die and their tattoos turn into dust to keep their art a secret.

Is there Levels or Stages to your BL? Yes there are 3 Stages of a Tattoo jutsu user. The first is the basic Tattoo Student and these are ninja just learning the basic of the art and can control only a few tattoos.

The second stage is a Tattoo User is caller Tattoo Graduate which means these ninja have earned most of their tattoos by this time but the still have yet to master their uses and is still able to gain their strongest tattoos still.

The third is Called a Tattoo Master and these are the specialist of their art. They have trained to the point that their artwork reacts by just their user's thoughts and no use for handsigns. They also gain a set of Tattoos that only a master can gain and control. These ninja also have incredible chakra level to maintain use of their tattoo arts and their selected elemental jutsu styles.

Founder: Herio Sumi

Forbidden Bloodline Form: "Living Ink"
This art style is the forbidden style of the Sumi and also its most dangerous form to battle against rather than the basic form. It allows the ninja not only to use their tattoos but also even change the art itself instead of being only allowed to use the tattoos the ninja created during training. The can change the design of their tattoos at will for any purpose they choose.
The tattoos are also able to become stronger and more dangerous because they become living parts of it's user and gain their increasing power and experiance. This means the longer a Sumi has the forbidden art the more dangerous they become. They can even mark others either to help the ninja, watch the ninja or even kill them if they allow the Sumi to tattoo them.

Cost: There are two ways a Sumi can gain this art style, Either by birth that the child has a parent who is a tattoo master or the original way in which a Sumi member must have had their Sensei give up half their blood to all of it based on the situation in which the Sensei is preforming the ceremony to gain this forbidden art but in return they must pass along their B.L.
to another in any of the 2 ways above before they turn 30 or the ink will fill the veins full of their Living ink at what point they would become no more then a living Tattoo themselves and within a week die from not having blood also flowing through them.
Akumu Sumi
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