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The Red Horse of Destruction

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The Red Horse of Destruction

Post by Naito "Boss" Kuki on Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:51 pm

Name of Bike: Chaotic Intentions


Description: This bike can be seen miles away from its bright red color and its frame made of the blood of the many innocent souls who have feel to The Red Horseman's Destructive Power. The souls power its theft system by causing anyone that trys to touch or take the bike to go insane and attempt to kill all those near him or her but at the will of the Horseman the person or any living thing touching it to get so raged that the body can't handle it and their body shuts down,Killing them. Even though this bike is powerful it makes no sound like his brothers bikes also. Has sword holster for his personal sword.

Murderous Rage: Personal Theft System

Unholy Innocense: This is the bike's attack/weapon. Like the other bikes the attack is 360 degrees and is frame based. By releasing energy into the frame the bike can cause a explosion that equals 10 atomic bombs, reaches half a mile in radius and even if not killed by the blast, The falling smoke and ash cause all within its range to get enraged so bad that they will all kill themselves in a fury of hatred.

Perma Grip: Able to ride bike up a mountain's slick face or even over water. Its also able to stop the bike on a dime even at it's highest speed and turn 180 degrees in less than a second. It can also climb trees or any surface wide enough for it's tires.

Super Sonic Speed: This bike can reach speeds of Super Sonic Levels without harming rider or itself. Only Teleportation can touch the awesome speed of this bike.
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