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Post by Naito "Boss" Kuki on Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:03 pm

Clan Name: Kuki Clan

Bloodline: Kuroi Kawa "Black River"

Doujutsu,Ninjutsu Style,Element or Unique Abilitys: Element and Unique Abilities

Unique Traits/Powers: The control of not only normal water jutsu but also a form a water thats power rivals the Uchiha's infamous black fire.

Strengths: Normal/Advanced Lightning Element are blockable and The Water's power is even known to counter The Uchiha's infamous Black Fire Jutsu by lasting the same amount of time so both cancel out the other but both ninja got to be the same rank, Higher Ranked ninja will over power the other. Also the currents of the water can cut through stone easily and its tempatures are below 0 degrees but never freezes and if not trained in the water it can cause other people to die from the temp itself.

Weaknesses: Heavy Chakra Usage and can only be over come by experience and massive endurance and chakra storage training.

Is there Levels or Stages to your BL?: No levels the power is based on training and experience of The Kuki member. Most have skills above normal water user but then some are able to use the skills on levels unlike even other Kukis.

Founder: Fuka-sa Kuki

Forbidden Bloodline Form: N/A
Naito "Boss" Kuki

RP Age : 14
Number of posts : 379
Location : Riding With The End and Watching my ninja...Ochita and Mika know how to find The Boss

Character Stats
Country: Forsaken Heavens
Rank: Chuunin
Element(s): Water, Black River and Wind

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