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Reincanation System

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Reincanation System

Post by Ochita "Misery" Iryo on Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:11 pm

In any fighting based forum death is a thing everyone must deal with from time to time, and of course New Age is no exception. However we also give people a option after this “Reincarnation.” New Age offers several ways to go about bringing your character back to life.

Option one: A Journey through “Limbo.” Upon a ninjas death they will find themselves in an unknown world where they will be greeted by cloaked in shadows(Controlled by a staff member), the man will offer you a choice “Final Rest”, “A Path Home”, or “Rebirth” upon choosing the second option you will be given a series of tasks or trials to prove that you should be released back into the world. If you succeed in this you will be returned to your body fully healed, however often with little or no memory of your past.(This will be decided by the staff member who trialed you)

Option two: Now lets say you chose “Rebirth” you will also be given a series of tasks, questions, or trials. But this option gives you the chance to start over as nothing but a child, this is one of the only ways of starting your journey as an “Academy Student.” You will start with no remembrance of your old life but will allow you to keep your character and even have him/her change over time..maybe make new choices meet new people. The only thing you may loose is a Bijuu you may have obtained in your past life however you could still obtain that again later.

Option three: The third and final option is a rebirth by “force” or by a ninja using “Edo Tensei“ to forcefully pull your soul back into your body. This may involve keeping control over your body, but it could possibly involve the summoner taking control over you. In order to be brought back by this technique however the dead user must never choose a gate to go though. Once they choose a gate this technique is basically useless.

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Re: Reincanation System

Post by Meian Uchiha on Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:07 am

I gotta say, the Rebirth, Reincarnation features is something that widely separates "New Age" from any other average ,typical site you'd see elsewhere.Also keeping the manga's, show's Edo Tensei as a valid jutsu is also a bonus; As some would ban that jutsu along with the Rinnegan.


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