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Yuuku Sumi

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Yuuku Sumi

Post by Yuuku Sumi on Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:11 pm

General Information

Name: Yuuku Sumi
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 95 lbs
DOB: 11/13
Appearance: Yuuku is taller then most ten year olds standing at four and a half feet tall. His body is thin and muscular do to the fact that through out growing up he spent most of his time training in his taijutsu skills. Like his father he also carries the tattoo birthmark. His hair is a dark brownish hair and golden eyes. He has bandages warped around both of his arms from his wrists up to just above the elbows.
Personality: Yuuku has always been a hard working child, from the time he could walk he enjoyed going out and pushing his body to its limits. He would spend hours at a time working on both his speed and his strength.

However hidden behind all the hard work still lies the hart of a child; one how likes to be around his father and the occasional sweet treat.
Likes: Training, sweets, the rain, the night
Dislikes: the idea that death will one day come for him, bullies, direct sunlight

Character Information

Rank: Genin
Village: Forsaken Heavens
Combat Strengths: High speed, strength, and chakra
Combat Weaknesses: Habit of pushing his body past his limit, rushes into things, easily angered
* 2x Sets of Training Weights - 400lbs each (one located on each leg)
* 2 medium sized pouches. (sitting on both the right and left hip)
* 10 Kunai (within pouch on his right)
* 5 exploding tags (within the pouch on his right)
* 10 shuriken (within the pouch on his left)
* 10 senbon (within pouch on his left)
Weapon: {Any custom weapons you have}
Ninja Skills: {Skills like Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu,
First: Taijutsu
Second: Ninjutsu
Third: Locked till Chuunin
Fourth: Locked till Chuunin
Fifith: Locked till Jounin
Classification: Your Job/Classification
First: Sensor
Second: Locked till Chuunin
Third Locked till Jounin
Element(s): White Fire

Other Information

Akumu Sumi - Father
Female Uchiha - Mother(DEAD)
Mikazuki Sumi - Older sister


0 - 1 years
Yuuku is the son of Akumu Sumi and Mahō Kobushi(uchiha). Before he was born his father had to leave, in order to return to his village in order to keep peace. Leaving yuuku's mother before he was born. Upon Yuuku's birth it was obvious who his father was do to the tattoo like birthmark that lay upon his body. However do to how busy his father was Yuuku stayed in the care of his mother.
1 - 4 years
Yuuku grew up in a small village to the south-east of the eclipse village, the moment he began to walk he started to train in the art of taijutsu with his mother. By the age of 4 he was already walking around on a daily basses with at least 75lbs of weights on his body. Around this time he began to use the bloodline passed down from his father known as "Living Ink" in order to create small things, such as senbon and other small objects.
4 - 6 years
By his fourth birthday Yuuku was already highly skilled in the art of taijutsu, with his mother's help he was secretly learning to release the eight chakra gates. By the age of six he could unlock 2 out of the eight. Around his fifth birthday he had come to realize what it was like to be alone, when ever he wasn't with his mother he was ignored. The children his age ignored him do to both there jealousy of Yuuku's skills in taijutsu and there fear of what they had heard of who his father was. Around that time was the first time he used the bloodline passed down by his father to its full extent. Yuuku had created a living tattoo that was the size of a full grown six year old, this 'tattoo' had come to be known as Yuuku's only friend, and with time became his best friend.
6 - 10 years
A few weeks after his sixth birthday his mother died of unkown causes. Which in turn left him at the moment homeless, but after people had found out that he could be traced to Akumu Sumi do to the tattoo like birthmark he had and was sent to live with him. At first Yuuuku tried to stay away from both his father and sister, but as time went by he slowly grew attached to them. He began to further his training alone in the art of taijutsu unlocking the third chakra gate and also began to learn an element known as "White Fire", which was a highly advanced super hot fire element. One day his father summoned him into a secret chamber and told him to bring his 'friend'. That day his father gave him a choice, he could destroy the tattoo or he could leave and return to his mother's village. Torn apart by the thought of having to ether destroy his friend or return to a place alone. With a great loss to him he turned to his only friend and destroyed it, having it ripped to pieces. After having his friend destroyed Yuuku fell to the ground in defeat, what he didn't know was that by killing off this tattoo he also destroyed a small piece of himself as well. Which caused the pain to increase all the more, this hardened Yuuku's soul a bit and from then he had closed himself off, afraid to once again make another friend he might have to one day destroy.
During this time Yuuku spent training with his father, pushing himself to the limit. One day while his father attempted to unlock yuuku's Wild Rinnegan they were both in for a suprise, instead he was pushed to a point of his own death and unlocked a gift his mother left him, the Sharingan. But that wasn't all, the sharingan was special, do to the Sumi blood in him the sharingan was a deep gold color. Over time and continues training Yuuku was able to unlock both the second tomoe and the third tomoe versions of his sharingan.
Soon after unlocking his Sharingan, his father disappeared. When his sister left the village and joined Forsaken Heavens he chose to remain in the Eclipse village and train on his own, until he was strong enough to take over the village and lead it in his father's place.

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Re: Yuuku Sumi

Post by The Source on Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:16 pm

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