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Zack's techniques list W.I.P.

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Zack's techniques list W.I.P. Empty Zack's techniques list W.I.P.

Post by Zack Himura on Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:23 am

Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū (Flying Heaven Honorable Sword
Style), also referred to as "Ultrasonic Sword Style," an ancient sword
art. The user's mastery of the style enables him to exercise superhuman
speed and reflexes, study and predict his opponent's movements in
battle, as well as perform many powerful sword techniques. Among several
of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū and battōjutsu skills, the user can utilize
Shinsoku (God-speed), which allows him/her to quickly overpower and
dispatch opponents with their sword before they have time to react. Most
of their techniques are intended to be extremely lethal to the
attacked. The Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū is only suitable to a wide-framed
muscular build people.

Name: Crash Course
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: D
A flurry of seemingly random out of control blind furious hacking at
your opponent but is actually a beautifully and masterfully arranged
chain of weak sword slashes meant not to inflict major damage but to
leave behind shallow cuts that would go by ignored by the opponent that
once piled up will cause the opponent to bleed out.

(able to deliver up to 15 cuts in one go.)

Name: 2 Piece Slash
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: D
A combo where Zack uses his sheathed sword to smack his opponent twice
in the face before drawing the blade and slashing from hip to shoulder
in one fluid motion.

Name: Wind Tornado
Type: Kenjutsu

Rank: C
Element: Wind
The power behind this technique lies in the drawing of the blade from
its sheath and attacking in one swift move. Due to the great risk of a
counter attack before one can draw the blade to attack if fast enough
Zack uses this as a mid to long range attack. Upon drawing the blade and attacking in one swift fluid
movement the blade releases a tornado of razor sharp wind that entraps and shreds
whatever poor fool unfortunate enough to get hit with it.
Zack Himura
Zack Himura

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