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Baku Clan

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Baku Clan Empty Baku Clan

Post by Nikushimi Baku on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:32 am

Name of Clan: Baku Clan

Name of Bloodline: Bakuton "Explosive Release"

Clan History: The Baku were once a highly sought after Clan for their use in explosions and their liking to go to war to prove their might. The reason for their fighting spirit was mainly caused by the fact they had to control their elemental chakra so much that when they got to release it, The Baku tried it everytime. They once wondered the Ninja World until their Clan elders were invited to join The Forsaken Heavens Country as their first full clan.

Bloodline Type: Baku's are born with this elemental chakra and are taught as soon as possible on how to use and control it.

Bloodline Information: Their Bakuton's power is all based on the Baku's training, skill and experience. At young ages they are able to strike with the power of a hand grenade and can even charge objects with their explosive chakra. At higher levels they can use their element in even more destructive force, Even to the point they can kill with full contact with a target or level a area a quarter mile wide with certain jutsu they create and the proper use of chakra. The explosions can have many triggers also from contact, handsign or even a delay to be used for traps like the ones that need contact. Since it comes in the form a chakra only one that can see pure chakra like the Hyuuga can see the explosions left behind by the Baku.

Bloodline Ultimate Form: The most powerful form of this element can destroy a entire village but this costs a year of the Baku's life to use and if needed to keep their secerts safe they can even explode themselves but this costs them their entire life if they use their full force.

Strengths: The power to make any type of attack or jutsu stronger by the use of adding the explosion to it. A simple punch can have the power equal to a missle or a jutsu that can kill a single person or a large group.

Weaknesses: Control is a must because of the fact that a Baku can even discharge a explosion if they are not watching thier chakra control and can hurt their own allies or even themselves. In the worst situations this can cause death for others or the Baku themselves.
Nikushimi Baku
Nikushimi Baku

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Post by The Source on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:38 am

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The Source
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