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Clan Overview

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Clan Overview

Post by Kyoshiro Kumosora on Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:33 pm

The Namikaze clan was said to be able to use Space and Time manipulation at a very young age. They also had access to an extremely large chakra and stamina reserve. The Namikaze are feared assassins because of their speed. Each clan member once properly trained becomes naturally fast. But upon mastering the art of space and time, their speed becomes unmatched. Enabling them to use various body flickers (Varies in element and style depending on the user), teleporting to any target that bears their mark.

Clan Techniques Include:

Name: Rasengan
Type: Advanced Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Description: The Rasengan was designed to use the caster's elemental affinities. It does not require any hand seals to use, relying only on the chakra control of the user. Once it is complete, it becomes self-sustaining, which does not give the Rasengan a definite limit like its counterpart, the Chidori. The compacted nature and moving speed of the chakra allows the Rasengan to grind into whatever it comes in contact with, inflicting major damage.

Name: Flying Thunder God Technique (Hiraishin no Jutsu)
Type: Advanced Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Description: It allows the user to move himself to another location in the blink of an eye. it revolves around manipulation of time and space rather than accelerated movement. Additionally, it makes no noise and produces no puff of smoke, allowing the user to appear behind someone unnoticed. To activate this jutsu, the user needs either a special seal or the ability to memorize chakra signatures accurately, to mark their destination. After this is done, the user enters a dimensional void that instantaneously transports themselves to their chosen location. Furthermore, if an object marked with the seal touches the ground, the user will immediately know the position of everyone close to the object. In a more advanced sense this technique also possesses surveillance purposes as the user can continuously sense where anyone is as long as the seal is on them.

Name: Reaper Death Seal
Type: FÅ«injutsu, Kinjutsu
Rank: S
Description: This seal invokes the powers of the death god (shinigami). Once called upon, the death god hovers behind the user and inserts its arm into their soul. At this stage only the user can see the death god. To perform the seal the user need only grasp the target. The death god's arm extends from their chest and grabs the soul of the target, immobilizing them and allowing them to see the death god as well. Soon after the sealing is completed the death god consumes the soul of the user as well, sentencing them to an eternity of battle with their target in its stomach. A swirl-pattern is left on the stomachs of those that have had something sealed within them using this jutsu.

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