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Kaisui Kumosora ~Bringer of Death~/~Kaisui no Raiden~

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Kaisui Kumosora ~Bringer of Death~/~Kaisui no Raiden~

Post by Kaisui Kumosora on Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:28 am

Name: Kaisui Kumosora
Nickname: Kai
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Height: 4ft 4in
Weight: 70 lbs
DOB: August 20
Kai wears black and blood red
zipped jeans, black leather vest zipped up halfway and a pair of blood
red cutoff gloves. Kai also has silvery-white hair inherited from his mother
that goes just below the shoulder blades usually kept in a spiky
ponytail with a little of his hair framing his face. He's about 4ft 4in and of a lean slightly muscular build. He also has an earring in each ear. Kai much like one Kakashi Hatake tends to where shirts with attached face masks that cover from his nose down. Kaisui where's these mask to lessen the likelihood of having to run from fan girls but it most of the time doesn't work and he ends being mobbed by his adoring fan girls.

Kai is a split between a laid back lazy pervert and a cold soulless deity of destruction. Is considered bi-polar but is actually schizophrenic.
Likes: Women, money, fighting, thunderstorms, swords and not much else when good. When evil he only likes death and destruction.
everything that ain't one of his likes.

Character Information

Rank: Gennin
Village: Mirage
Combat Strengths:
Tactics, Speed, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, and also immune to Fuuinjutsu(sealing jutsu)
Combat Weaknesses: Genjutsu, at
times can be to stubborn, and his splits in personality sometimes get
the better of him, chakra control tends to slip during the switches
between personalities which can prove fatal should his personality shift
suddenly with out his conscience doing
.(Only when switching from evil to good)
Equipment: Twin chakra infused pistols each reflecting the names they bear.(Kaisui
reflecting Ocean water and Kumosora reflecting a clouded sky) Also
Chakra pills, food pills blood pills
and 12 dozen sets of senbon needles half of them coated in a variety of poisons all of which Kaisui is immune to.
Weapon: Two
swords Zetsumei a
special blade created with a rare metal black in
color that allows chakra to be channeled through it. However because the
potency of the Hatake white chakra that Kai has inherited, one of Kai's
fangs had to be used in it forging as well as a pint of his blood.
Because this the forged blade came to gain several unique abilities. The
sword its self is unbreakable with the ability to absorb light rather
than reflect it. The sword would then store the light converting it into
raw dark energy that can be then used to blast opponents. It is also
cabable of storing some of Kai's chakra into it so that he doesn't need
to use any chakra when doing jutsu off the sword as well as being able
to slice through the air to create vacuums in time and space to suck in
opponent or the very air around an opponent making it hard for them to
This sword will only allow Kaisui Kumosora to touch it. A hiltless black katana that seems to posses an unearthly glow that
shines a subdued fiery white when calm and bloodly crimson when in a
rage which also has a will of its own and has the ability to sense danger and warn it use (Kai only) whenever danger is nearby as well as detect and break any and all genjutsu used against Kaisui so that he doesn't have to worry about it named Kurenai Hakumei,
and an electric guitar that can
also be transformed into a sword, gun or sythe. Kurenai Hakumei also has some unknown abilities it has yet to reveal to Kai and won't until it feels the time is right.

Ninja Skills: {Skills like Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu}
First: Kenjutsu
Second: Ninjutsu
Third: Locked till Chuunin
Fourth: Locked till Chuunin
Fifith: Locked till Jounin
Classification: Your Job/Classification
First: Assassin
Second: Locked till Chuunin
Third Locked till Jounin
Element(s): Void(bloodline) and Electromagnetism

Other Information

Kyoshiro Kumosora(little brother)


Bio: Kaisui Kumosora actually goes by two names though one he nolonger acknowledges in favor of the other. Those names are Kaisui Hatake and Kaisui Kumosora. Kai is one of the founders of the Kumosora clan so far consisting of only two members himself and its cofounder his younger brother Kyoshiro Namikaze now better known as Kyoshiro Kumosora or Kyo for short. Kai while being a founder of the Kumosora clan along with his little brother is also the sole heir of the Hatake clan a clan inherited from his mother who trained him solely and intensely in all the styles of the Hatake before her untimely demise. His brother Kyo underwent similar training though in the ways of the Namikaze by their father who has left Kyo the sole heir of the Namikaze with his equally untimely demise. Kaisui became a gennin at the age of 5 a feat only accomplished by one Kakashi Hatake before himself and now his a feat his recent made gennin 5 year old brother Kyo. Kai is now 6 years old and already has several techniques created under his belt. He is currently on a two man team with his little brother.

For more info on Kaisui Hatake/Kaisui Kumosora read the Kumosora bloodline.

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Kaisui Kumosora
Kaisui Kumosora

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Character Stats
Country: Mirage
Rank: Genin
Element(s): Void, Electromaganetism

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Re: Kaisui Kumosora ~Bringer of Death~/~Kaisui no Raiden~

Post by The Source on Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:24 am

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The Source
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