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Hirotiro Clan ("The Symbiodan"

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Hirotiro Clan ("The Symbiodan" Empty Hirotiro Clan ("The Symbiodan"

Post by Axel Hirotiro on Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:50 pm

Name of Clan: Hirotiro

Name of Bloodline: Symbiodan

Clan History: The Hirotiro Clan comes from a similar background to the Kamizuru and Aburame Clan, possibly even the Inuzuka Clan, bearing the task of keeping specimens in their body, letting them suck chakra from them at a benefit. Although most records were destroyed, it is clear that they were once a normal Clan - a very cruel family - up until the virus hit one of them. It didn't do anything, but gave them unique abilities unknown to any other clan. When they found out it was a virus, and not some Bloodline Ability, they befriended the virus and made it make them strong through creativity.

Bloodline Type: Innate-Doujutsu

Doujutsu Appearnace:
Hirotiro Clan ("The Symbiodan" Radioactive

Bloodline Information: The Specimens, called Uirusubagu, are a virus that are inside each clan member. If the host doesn't accept them, the host will die. They let these virus tangents in for the reason of appropriated body manipulation techniques. Using the chakra they absorb, the virus can mutate the body given the command to do so, at a price of being in a set of bloodlust. The ability is left to the host's imagination, able to make the hands and arms tendrils, or form the hands into spikes, even able to make them form around their body. The only way to use it, is to activate the Symbiodan. The only downfall is that the Virus is continuously taking chakra to support this, so major body modifications would only steal more chakra, so they know to only do little by little. For example, they wouldn't make spikes over their hands and back at the same time, just turn their hand into a big, wide blade instead, to save chakra.

Bloodline Ultimate Form: Considered near Suicidal, the Symbiodan has a technique, cautioned by all for only a life-finishing moment. The Virus can be used to reanimate a dead body, as long as the soul hasn't passed on, giving it new life. Additional to what to revived body had, the person now has increased rage, and is more likely to commit combat than normally due to taking in the virus. They, however, do not gain any symbiodan abilities.

Axel Hirotiro

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Hirotiro Clan ("The Symbiodan" Empty Re: Hirotiro Clan ("The Symbiodan"

Post by Kaisui Kumosora on Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:08 pm


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