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Shinku Hyuga

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Shinku Hyuga

Post by Shinku Hyuga on Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:26 pm

General Information

Name: Shinku Hyuga
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
DOB: 12/21
Appearance:Shinku has bleach blond hair, a physical combination of his father's auburn and his mother's blond hair. His eyes are a dark shade of black, jet black even. His hair falls down in an untamed fashion and is on the verge of growing out in the back, His complexion is in the middle of pale and tan, and Shinku could never find a word describe it other than 'peach colored'. He has straight white teeth, and possesses no over bite, straight teeth running his family.
He is just coming into teenage-hood, therefore, his appearance is changing. His shoulder seem to be getting broader by the day, and he has muscular arms. This can only seen when he takes off sweater, other wise, he looks like a really scrawny kid. His abdomen muscles are very defined as well as his calf muscles. Some say he has 'girly' feet because he actually takes care of them.
Shinku is different from most shinobi, because he wears his HEADband around his neck. He is usually found in a beige colored hoodie when it is cold out. Other days, usually warmer, he discards the hoodie and sports the black t-shirt under neath it. For his lower body, it is clad in black shorts in the warm days and black cargos in the colder. What never changes is his shoes, which as typical ninja sandals, except in black opposed to the usual blue.
Personality: Shinku believes himself to be the epitome of all that is epic and awesome, but of course, he doesn't let that show. He is calm, cool, and collected, and seems to be always be one thing; happy. He never seems to show expression, or when he does, he's smiling or grinning. Although Shinku's a generally good guy, he seems to be very stubborn and at times, arrogant. To keep his pride intact, he will also refuse help from people unless he knows he needs it. He sometimes refuses to form bonds with people in fear he might lose them like he lost his parents. He is also (thinks he is) very good with the ladies and a sweet talker, but he doesn't seem to use that ability a lot.
Likes: Shinku enjoys training, and pushing his limits, often training from day into the night. He also enjoys various types of soups, and often exchanges recipes with his Orphanage conductor. Shinku is a prankster, but he refuses to fall short on his pranks, only preforming his bests ones. He also enjoys reading the books his Father wrote.
Dislikes: Shinku despises people who pull childish pranks, and believes the art of pranking shouldn't be in the hands of little kids, only 'experienced specialists such as himself'. He hates when bigger people pick on smaller people, and dislikes when people act all high and mighty when they don't 'have the balls' to back it up.

Character Information

Rank: Gennin
Country: Forsaken Heavens
Combat Strengths: Shinku is sly and agile devil in combat, known for his speed and percision. Along with his Byakugan, this makes him a formidable foe. His physical strength is above par for his age, and due to his knowledge of chakra control, he knows how to control and distribute his chakra evenly.
Combat Weaknesses: Shinku is extremely horrible with genjutsu, the only reason he escapes from one is because of his Byakugan. He is an all offensive type of person and rarely thinks of strategies, only following his instincts.
Equipment: Kunai x10, Shuriken x10
Weapon: --
Ninja Skills:
First: Ninjutsu
Second: Taijutsu
Third: Locked till Chuunin
Fourth: Locked till Chuunin
Fifith: Locked till Jounin
First: Genin
Second: Locked till Chuunin
Third Locked till Jounin
Element(s): Katon

Other Information

Relationships: --
Family: UnKnown


Bio: ~Background

Shinku Yūki (Hyuga) is the son of two non-ninja parents. His mother, Hana Himiwari was a striving artist, which explains where Shinku obtains that talent from. His father, Sentou Yuki, was an author, and a great one at that. Sentou, disliking his clan's ways, decided to stray away from the ninja path and change his name. He knew his son could not escape fate and he would one day find out about his clan heritage. At the young age of three, Shinku and his family had their home raided, and both his parents were killed. For some strange reason, the killer decided to spare the boy’s and left him there. The Country’s Shinobi Police Force cleared out the entire house, selling most of his family’s stuff in auction sales, and he was only given two things; a pile of his father’s books (which all didn’t sell well) and his mother’s backpack, which she kept all of her art supplies in, but unfortunately they were stolen.

After several months, Shinku was placed in several foster homes, usually kicked out of each one and transferred to a new one, due to extremely mischievous nature.


Shinku was placed in an orphanage on the eastern side of Konohagakure, and there he was even more disliked. He constantly pulled pranks on the elders, and would get scolded, often being ‘put on time out’ time and time again. He honestly disliked being in that placed, and yearned for his parents to be with him, as if his pleas would suddenly make them come back. Shinku sighed, leaning the back his head against the wall, which cracked. He sighed. This place was miserable, and he needed to get out. He would be graduating from the academy soon, and then he would be able to do missions, get money and become rich and famous just like guy in his father’s story.

His father’s story.

Shinku rose up from his pity corner and ran over to his bed, reaching under it, and pulling out a book, one of the many his father wrote. It had something to do about a legendary ninja named Shinku, who he was obviously named after. He sighed and began to read it when suddenly, something heavy slammed against his door. Alarmed, he rose up and charged over, running over to the door and pulling it open. A boy fell back and onto the creaking wooden floor. Shinku only looked down, his onyx eyes full of confusion, before looking at his doorway. One of the bigger boy was beating on Shinku’s friend, Sutomu, and Shinku was getting tired of it. “Hey, bastard! Quit it!” He exclaimed and the boy looked at him before breaking into a rumbling laughter, seemingly shaking the foundation of the orphanage.

“Oh, it’s the little bitch;Shinku.” He said, and he looked down at Shinku. Shinku, after constantly getting belittled by this man,began to get angry. Then, he felt different, he could see different! He had activated his byakugan, and charged forward and leaped forward. A bony fist connected with the boy’s face, Shinku’s knuckles driving into his jaw, and like that, he was knocked out. Shinku looked down at the out cold boy, and turned his head, noticing his orphanage conductor approaching; Mrs. Lei. Mrs. Lei stared at Shinku, completely astounded by the spectacle.

Shinku was once again punished by his teacher, and his punishment was to help cook dinner for the entire orphanage. He smiled and ran into his room, grabbed his recipe book and joined Mrs. Lei in the kitchen.


“Shinku Hyuga?”
A woman stood at the orphanage’s entrance, dressed in a full business suit. A boy who had opened the door did in fact happen to be Shinku. Mrs. Lei was called and they all sat at the table. The lady, who revealed herself to be a teller from Country Bank, and Shinku had money left unclaimed since his parents passed away. The money had built up but the account had been inactive, and the account had been signed over to Shinku in case of emergency. He now had over 20,000 ryo to himself, and he knew exactly he would do with it; He would move out of the Orphanage and live by himself.
He packs his things and rented the apartment, that same day graduating from the ninja academy and pursuing his career as a genin.
Shinku Hyuga
Shinku Hyuga

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Re: Shinku Hyuga

Post by Kaisui Kumosora on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:07 pm


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