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Power Bond Katanas (Denryoku-kei)

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Power Bond Katanas (Denryoku-kei)

Post by Furumetaru on Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:40 pm

Weapon Name: Denryoku-kei

Type: Two Katanas


Material: Steel

Holder(s): Meian, Furumetaru

Special Effects: When carried by the same person, the two exhibit no special effect; they are normal katanas. When carried by two people with some sort of bond, such as friendship, the special effect kicks in. The bond empowers the people with the Katanas in their hands; it allows them to increase speed, strength, and stamina depending on that of their friend (or any other person they share a bond, and the sword with). Also, the swords carry a chakra-link, allowing them to feed, or take chakra from their ally, as long as they have the katana with them. This can be both beneficial, and dangerous, depending on the scenario. Lastly, there is a "psychic" ability amongst the two holding the katanas, allowing them to speak to each other through their thoughts.

Side Effects: By robbing, or borrowing chakra from one another, it can be dangerous to one's safety if too much is taken at the wrong time.

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