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Tembinza Clan Empty Tembinza Clan

Post by Hanto Tembinza on Fri May 06, 2011 6:44 pm

Name of Clan: Tembinza ~ Libra

Name of Bloodline: Yokaze ~ Night Wind

Clan History: The tembinza started off as a rural kinship on the outskirts of what is now the hidden mist village as the initial purpose of first line protectors due to their uniquely acute senses. The clan's wolf like capabilities did not come until later on. During the founding of the hidden mist village, the tembinza were better known for their wind adapt abilities and, now renounced, seal jutsu along with their acute senses. Their position of power as a clan to be feared did not come into play until a young boy by the name of Fujin Tembinza that later grew and changed the tembinza into what they are today. He grew up with the optimistic belief that there could be always more to anything which led to his practice of wind control to a drastic scale, helping form the base gene for later generations. For the tembinza, tracking is like hunting and hunting was what they were good at, catching and tracking down the most elusive shinobi which made them the hidden mist's oinin base of operations. They became so revered that their presence within the mist was a must. Although great for the villages prosperity, their move in into the inner village caused controversy over space and trust. Rumors of a rebellion between the tembinza and the mist founding leader often went afloat to serve as propaganda, having astounding effect on the people but not their leader. As years went by, many pardons went by for the misuse, neglect, and imprisoned members but now started to create a strong bitterness among the majority of the tembinza. Despite this, they were to keep their composer, never to give anyone anything until the death of their great provider and teacher, fujin tembinza, by the hands of the founding leader's elite team by his command. Even to the people's surprise they could not believe the fact and rumors and sent shockwaves throughout the ears of many, including the tembinza. Over the course of several years, an inner war between the tembinza and the leader took place and although they're feel for self valor were great, they were unsuccessful and lose many members. With their moral low, they decided to cut their loses although months later the founding leader passed mysteriously and it is unknown whether or not the tembinza had anything to do with this.

Bloodline Type: Innate

Bloodline Information: The tembinza clan has the ability to control and manipulate the wind power density of wind on a spectacular spatial scale which is done by manipulation of the chakra pathway system and chakra control; due to their wind affinity and the chakra being expelled through tenketsu (chakra points) by manipulating the chakra pathway system, the tembinza's chakra slowly or instantaneously travels within the wind currents which is then followed by element and form manipulation all in a very quickened process. This allows them to manipulate wind control relative to length, area, distance, and size giving them a unpredictable variant of wind attacks through direction, size, length, strength and surface area. when the conception and abilities are great enough, a clan member would be able to preform a short burst 60 mph wind within a relatively short distance or a 120 mph wind within a range of 10 meters but only a surface area of 14 feet. This is how creating drafts of wind, brought by rapid opposing directions of wind called wind shears, is possible.

Aside from their wind manipulation, all tembinza are wolf like and possess abilities and traits that match their style of jutsu and hand to hand combat. all five senses: smell, sight, taste, adherence and touch are canis lupis alike. the nose is able to smell faint scents for up to 2-3m and fresh scents up to miles, making anything like an open cut easy to track. Their auditory perception is very sharp, being able to hear up to a frequency of 26kH which is sharp enough to register the fall of leaves in the autumn period. there vision is greater than that of a regular shinobi but weaker than a dog but the tembinza eyes are capable of photo-transduction and still contain what is called a tapetum lucidum. This reflects visible light back through the retina, increasing the light available to the photo-receptors which improves vision in low-light conditions creating night vision. being of the canis lupis nature, it makes it the most superior among the canidae.

the rest of their body process other wolf like traits. In cold climates, they can reduce the flow of blood near their skin to conserve body heat and possess a higher content of strength, speed, and stamina placing their fitness above average. The tembinza also use howling as a method of confusion as the frequency contains 10 to 12 harmonically related overtones with a constant pitch which may change direction up to four or five times.

Bloodline Ultimate Form: Fuuinjutsu: Fuujin Torikabuto ~ Seal technique: wind god wolfsbane is a sealing jutsu that seals 1 of the 5 senses for an exponential gain within another such as sight for the ability to see chakra through smell or adherence for the ability to see more afar or magnified blood vessels. the jutsu can be performed on yourself but can only be removed by another. the only members that know this are higher ranked and once removed the ability is lost forever.

*all fuuton are stronger at higher altitudes
*speed & agility
*offensive and defensive awareness
*senses and night vision
*chakra and chakra control

*prude or crude scents that could scramble our senses
*bloodlust if not regularly training
*all fuuton are weaker below sea level

Clan Symbol:
Tembinza Clan Wolf_images
Hanto Tembinza
Hanto Tembinza

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Tembinza Clan Empty Re: Tembinza Clan

Post by Naito "Boss" Kuki on Fri May 13, 2011 5:07 pm


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