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*Aoiro Tenma* (done[?])

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*Aoiro Tenma* (done[?])

Post by Aoiro Tenma on Sun May 08, 2011 8:30 pm

General Information

Name: Aoiro Tenma
Gender: Female
Age: 12 (and 3/4ths as she would say)
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 130 lb
DOB: August 4th
Appearance: Aoiro has two very different appearance due to her family’s past. (will be explained in Bio) when human she has long raven black wavy hair that cascades down her back to just below her bottom. She ties it about 3 inches from the end with a light blue ribbon. Her skin silky smooth, her tan is soft. Her eyes odd, they tend to shift with her emotions or at will. She normally doesn’t smile much but has a dazzling smile that can brighten anyone’s day (mostly because she doesn’t smile often). Since she is maturing to teen hood she tends to hide her developing curvy body under a semi large short sleeve hoodie (when hot) or a long sleeve hoodie (when cold) that’s normally deep blue or black under she wears a fitted dark tank top. On the back of her hoodie lies her family’s insignia in dark silver silk thread. On her lower half she wears dark color cargoes that seem to be to big for her but don’t go down, only on one side but they don’t fall do to her developing hips, or she’ll wear baggy shorts. She prefers to wear training shoes that are black. But on those rare occasions when she wants to look girly she will wear dresses, skirts and tight shorts. But those moments are rare unless your important to her and she want to impress you. She has a scar about an inch long on her face by the outer corner of her eye up to her eye brow.
When in her summons form she takes the shape of a large wolf fox looking beast. Wolf like in size and thickness of fur, fox like because of her ears and long flowing tails. That of witch she has 8. (will be explained in her bio). Her fur tends to change tint when it comes down to her using fire, water, and darkness. Her fur goes from red (cool) orange/yellow(medium) blue/indigo (high) violet/white (blazing) to show how hot she’s running. When using water her fur turns a bluish tint. The lighter the blue the colder she is running. And the final element of which her fur would change colors is darkness. When she uses darkness her fur turns gray the darker the gray or black shows how much darkness is flowing through her. When she isn’t using any element or is fighting her fur is a mixture of gray and white with a blue tint, her tails combine to one, they only fan out when she’s fighting or getting ready to fight. Again she is relatively large in size a bit larger than a male wolf. From the tip of her nose to the tip of her tails she’s 6 ft and 7 inches long and from the shoulders she stands 33 inches tall. She has more of a wolf look to her, her eyes are an ice blue (they still change with her mood or at will) her muzzle is some what short and her fur is shaggy like a wolf’s. her ears and long flowing tails make her look like a fox not only that buts she’s slender and sleek.

Personality: Aoiro due to her past is very soft spoken and keeps to herself or to those few who she trusts. She prefers to stay silent and watch those around her. She is very protective of those who matter to her and is very deadly when provoked. She doesn’t fear death and is willing to risk it all for her few friends since she has no family. She’s very stubborn and hard headed and sometimes need to get hurt to understand that her way isn’t always the correct way. When someone breaks through her shell she’s very loving and sweet. She secretly loves to be affectionate but had always been scared to show it in fear of being rejected and not wanted. For someone who is as young as she is she is very mature and capable to take care of herself and those around her. Her instincts are very close to nature and so making her a very good hunter and killer. She has high morals but since she can be very animalistic she can loose herself in a hunt and be a true danger to those who are on her bad side or those who she is sent to take care of. She has a weak spot for young children, babies, and baby animals to which she will naturally treat like her own young. She hates to bother people and so will very rarely ask for help or anything for that matter. She tries her best to impress when in crush mode and is very cold, coy and mean toward those who she dislikes or holds no respect for.
·being around the one who holds her scroll
·traveling/being in nature
·water/swimming/playing in water
·being pet when in her summons form
·ice cream/sweets
·star gazing
·cloud gazing
·the dark
·stupid people
·being treated like a child/under minded
·being told what to do by those who she doesn’t know
·extreme heat and humidity
·getting her fur overly dirty
·having no meat to eat
·being toyed with/bullied
·extremely loud noises
·being woken up/startled
·being unable to help
·overly bright clothes
·overly girly girls/ overly masculine guys

Character Information

Rank: Genin
Country: Mirage
Combat Strengths:
·larger chakra pool than most ninja (due to her being a summons )
·chakra control
·good with weapons
Combat Weaknesses:
·can loose herself to blood lust
·horrible in large range fighting
·must be kept focused
·very temperamental
·color blind (summons form)
Basic ninja tools: (kept in a pouch strapped to her left leg)15 kunai 20 throwing stars, 100 yards of fine trip wire, 10 explosive tags.
(kept in a medium backpack)50 ft of wrapping bandages, 10 (10in by 15in) sticky bandages, 10 (10in by 5in) sticky bandages, 10 (5in by 5in) sticky bandages, 2 packs of cleaning towels (each have 50 sheets), 20oz bottle of rubbing alcohol, bag of cotton balls (100 large balls), tweezers, Swiss army knife, small scissors, bottle of pain killers (26 pills) and hunting knife (strapped to her right leg )
Weapon: N/A
Ninja Skills:
First: Taijutsu
Third: N/A
Fourth: N/A
Fifith: N/A
First: Genin
Second: N/A
Third N/A
Element(s): All.

Other Information

Hanto Tembinza: owner of scroll/ best friend
Summon Info:
The demon that makes Aoiro a summons is an eight tailed fox wolf mix elemental demon, it originates from the land hidden in the rain. It was passed down from ninja to ninja till it came into what was known as the Tenma clan who harnessed its power by sealing it in the body. This gave the host the capability to use the elements: water, fire, air, earth, darkness, and light or to combine any two or three elements to create any other elements (ex: ice, magma, snow, steam ect.). It also allowed the host to turn into two other forms. That of the actual wolf fox demon and a weapon but now since the demon has a scroll the owner of the scroll gets to choose the weapon. The owner also must provide a bit of chakra (¼ or more) to make the weapon transformation which also makes it nearly impossible for someone else to use the summons in its weapon form. The only way to gain control of the summons is to either kill the owner of the scroll or to win the scroll in a one on one match. If the challenger wins by K.O or fatality the challenger must then fight the summons in a limited (she will make it so her opponent and herself are equal in strength to give them a fair chance) one on one fight. This is mainly because Aoiro is stubborn and needs to be taught to respect the possible new owner of her scroll. This of course isn’t a grantee that she will fight willingly for the new owner, she will need time to adjust. She has a few weaknesses, she needs to feed regularly, she is color blind when in her summons form, is only capable to control water, air, fire to the point of it being fluid. (she and her owner must grow together to obtain her other elements, each level up of the owner she gets another element)
She’s stubborn and extremely hard headed which can cloud her judgment. If not kept correctly (put to exercise, isn’t fed correctly, treated badly) she can become very dangerous to her owner and can even kill them. She’s on the plus size can see heat signatures and can do fine in any terrain but prefers cold.


Aoiro was born in to a family of poor but powerful kunoichi. The family only had three members. They had slowly but steadily died out: the family’s blood line was strong but it rendered the men unable to produce children, for the women it was very rare. So gradually the blood line was tainted and then eventually washed out. The Tenma elder, who possessed the ever renowned demon that gave them their name and capabilities and gave him the power of living longer than the average human (up to a minimum of 120 years) was the salvation but also the death of the clan. He made a deal with the man of the last living family. The lady of the house and the last real Tenma was pregnant but gravely ill and was fated to die, taking the baby with her. The elder told the desperate couple that he would give his summons who lived with in him to the child while still in the womb giving the mother enough time to live to give birth but she regrettably she would still pass away. The mother more concerned for her child agreed but the elder wanted to give the clan a fresh start and asked the man to give his life. To this the man screamed no. He reason, he wanted to at least be there for the child since it would already be motherless. The elder did not budge but instead told them he had a trusted family who would raise her to be a great warrior and still know what love of a family was (since the elder believed that family are the people who are there and are willing to protect you). The defeated father to be asked him about the family, the elder promised that the child will know who she is, and how to be proud to be the last surviving Tenma. The father agreed but only with the exception that he would at least get a month with the child. The elder agreed.

The process of transferring the summons was grueling but ended successfully. the elder not being a stupid man had reserved enough chakra to keep him alive for a month and a half. The father being true to his word gave up the child and died with honor. The elder careful with the infant made the long trip to Mirage country were the other family lived. This is were the elder betrayed the now passed on couple he had made the child a scroll, making her a possible summons if anyone managed to get her scroll. The child grew at a very slow rate and was basically passed down for 3 generations. Making her very wise but kept her looking extremely young. Sadly the family treated the girl as if she meant nothing, as if all she was only a tool. But this soon changed when the resent owner of the “Aoiro” Tenma scroll (Aoiro means blue, and the scroll is a beautiful royal blue, with small sapphires lacing the trim of it when opened not only that but the summon loves the color blue and mainly appears blue) was challenged by a great kunoichi of the Tembinza clan. Lady Tembinza fought with all of her might and won the scroll. She being a compassionate woman felt bad for the summon who didn’t speak or even looked up from the ground. Even though she was wise she still acted like a child since she was never truly raised. She knew who she was but was not proud nor knew what love of a family or friend. Lady Tembinza as the young summons came to know her showed the girl that she should be proud. The girl slowly but surly grew to be proud. A few years past and the child was now happy and had chosen to stay with the name Aoiro Tenma. She felt as if the scroll’s name was hers. But oddly she did not look at her Lady as a mother but as a person she was responsible for since she was technically older than her. So when the Lady finally married and had her own child she was more reserved and kept more to her training and finding her purposes by this time the child only appeared to be only 3 or 4 years old. When Lady Tembinza had her son Hanto Aoiro seemed to be even more distant. She knew that the boy was more important and so she allowed the Lady to raise him. But since Aoiro was still a bit innocent she seemed to care for the child. She knew she had to protect him. Sadly she found out why. In a tragic instance both Lady Tembinza and her husband were killed and that left Hanto and herself to Lady Tembinza’s spiteful sister who once again treated Aoiro harshly. One thing Aoiro and Lady Tembinza discovered before she passed away was that when living a happy life Aoiro grows normally but when sad and in a bad spot she slows in age. But as time moves on Hanto and her became closer. She watched over him and helped him through his struggles because she knew what it felt like, to be with out a mother and father… Once Hanto was four (like her current rut has kept her) she began to age once again finding happiness with him. When they both started the academy she stood by his side, and fought with him against those who he couldn’t fight on his own. A bond slowly but strongly formed between them where one failed the other excelled making them a deadly team. As they went through the process of gaining the title of Genin they proved this time and time again not only that but that Hanto was the perfect person to own her scroll since he was thought of to be too young to own the scroll. This of course angered both Hanto and Aoiro and drove them to prove their worth. They did this by a series of tests that tested team work, leader capability, trust and even how far the two were willing to go to save one another which proved they are will to die for one another. This showed promise for the two young ninja.

Aoiro Tenma
Aoiro Tenma

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Re: *Aoiro Tenma* (done[?])

Post by Naito "Boss" Kuki on Sun May 15, 2011 9:21 pm

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