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Seishin Clan ("Supiritto, maindo, bodi wa tsuneni 1 ni suru hitsuyō ga arimasu.")

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Seishin Clan ("Supiritto, maindo, bodi wa tsuneni 1 ni suru hitsuyō ga arimasu.")

Post by Furumetaru on Tue May 10, 2011 8:57 pm

Name of Clan: Seishin
Name of Bloodline: Hachōgan (Literally meaning 'Wavelength Eye')

Clan History: The Seishin have been one of the first clans to start after Rikudo Sennin, the original Sage of Six Paths. The Seishin got a power distant from Rikudo, historians believing the clans were related like the Uchiha and Hyuga are, despite not being Rikudo's direct family. They have been none for stealing the component of chakra known as Spiritual Energy, frequently using it on opponent's to cripple them of chakra usage by preventing chakra from being made by absorbing the energy. For this reason, they were hunted as a sport for decades, finally stopping after being hidden for years of secrecy. Now, they live in Mirage, trying their best to keep out of attention, and to blend in.

Bloodline Type: Doujutsu

Bloodline Information: The Bloodlimit uses the doujutsu, the Hachōgan, to uses spirit-related abilities through it's activation. The first two forms of it are the same as the first two stages of the Sharingan, one tamoe, and two tamoes fashioned like a ying-yang, except for the fact they are the same color. To differentiate the bloodlines of the Uchiha and Seishin, the Spirit-enthusiasts, the Seishin, have a third tamoe breaching in between, the bigger, rounded part of the tamoe hitting in between the two tamoes. To most, it would seem to take the shape of a mouth with a tongue sticking out, or a cherry, perhaps even a cherry bomb. The first form of the eye is innate, able to be activated at birth. It allows small suction of spiritual energy, not very effective in battle, and unlocks a small amount of the user's true potential (increases speed, strength, stamina, and chakra control moderately). The second allows the user to place bits of their soul into living things, corpses that they can make appear, and some objects, like a suit of armor, allowing them to control it as aide in a battle. Their true potential is also further unlocked, increasing greater than the first eye form can. The last form of the eye goes as far as tripling the stats of speed, strength, stamina, and chakra control in battle. The user can control multiple objects at once with his/her soul, and his/her ability to steal Spiritual energy to leave chakra deconstructed is greater.

Bloodline Ultimate Form:

- Can increase stats in battle, or whenever active.
- Can steal spiritual energy, destroying chakra as it's being used.
- Can control spirits of other things, excluding living people.

- Cannot control other people with his spirit.
- Cannot steal enough spiritual energy that will kill him.
- Cannot use Genjutsu in proficiency.

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