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Seishin, Aruji; Mirage's Elder God (Complete)

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Seishin, Aruji; Mirage's Elder God (Complete)

Post by Furumetaru on Wed May 11, 2011 11:11 pm

General Information

Name: Seishin, Aruji
Gender: Male
Age: 81
Height: 5'11 Feet.
Weight: 149 Lb.
DOB: June 1st
Personality: Aruji, being a wise old man, is often seen to the stupid, raging old man. However, he did, and still does, have some old chirp in his bones, able to take down "ruffians" easily, without breaking a sweat. In battle, he scoffs at danger, and enjoys dealing pain to his opponents. He frequently points out a person's flaws in battle, even declaring what is wrong with his opponent.
Likes: Beating people into shape, teaching lessons, and being a missionary of his clan's faith.
Dislikes: Nonbelievers, ruffians, and people who use chakra.

Character Information

Rank: A (Due to his age, and knowledge)
Country: Mirage
Combat Strengths: Mastery of Chakra Precision/Accuracy, Tactics/Intellect, and Nullification of Chakra (see Clan).
Combat Weaknesses: Cannot perform, or negate Genjutsu (through Kai is impossible for him); Is normally slower due to his age; Has an inability to use Kenjutsu at his age.
Equipment: Kunai, Shuriken, Explosion Tags, etc.
Weapon: He has Sutīru, a Hunting Knife which he uses furiously to act as an extension of his abilities, stealing more Spiritual energy when his doujutsu is at the right form. Also, there is Jojishi, a Machete that collects all the stolen spiritual energy to repair itself, otherwise being able to use it to increase it's sharpness in usage.
Ninja Skills: (The listed will be what he learned in efficiency over the decades of his life so far)
First: Ninjutsu
Second: Fuinjutsu
Third: Taijutsu
Classification: Your Job/Classification
First: Monk (Elder Monk currently; doesn't serve at a place of worship anymore)
Second: Assassin
Third Sensor
Element(s): Fire, Wind, Water

Other Information

Relationships: -
Family: -


Bio: Born to the godly clan of the Seishin, renowned for their ability to terminate chakra by absorbing a piece of it's recipe: spiritual energy. He was born on the religious mountain of Estamida, once a well-known religious sanctuary, but now replaced by ridiculous gods that the clan doesn't full well believe exist. He was raised by a foster family when his real ones died, raised into their moderated image that in society, due to the clan's structure, that they were superior. Most shinobi in this day and age only care about using Ninjutsu to solve problems. The founder of the clan, however, had a different idea in mind. He thought, and knew spirit was superior to chakra, seeing as chakra isn't good enough to not need spiritual energy. This provoked a long arrogance, and hatred with the Seishin and every other chakra-using shinobi.

At an early age of six, even Aruji questioned why the clan hates chakra when they use it for their techniques. Some say the god of worship on the mountain, Miro, forgave them and let them into paradise because they are saving others through their ability to terminate chakra. Others believe they have an aura with their techniques, and are born with something that doesn't get affected from stealing spiritual energy. Aruji dropped the question, feeling he may be thrown out. Naturally, as a monk, he was taught to always believe in his faith, and never stray from his god's path. He started to get trained at absorbing spiritual energy at that age, failing this first form of Fuinjutsu, which disappointed himself and his adoptive family. He trained for many hours in trying to remove spiritual energy from a caged rabbit, but failed multiple times, failing to see any blue aura of the spiritual energy being absorbed into his inventory, right to his machete.

He soon got some of the blue aura to appear, but it faded within time. In an attempt to quicken things up, he gave up sleep, and sometimes meals for several days, wanting to be appreciated as a monk of the mountain's order. This was similar to casting a Fire Ninjutsu in the Uchiha Clan, granting him the right of adulthood no matter how young he really was. After about a year, he was able to master this first form of fuinjutsu to the degree his innate doujutsu allowed him. This was believed to be a sign of improvement for him, but due to these occurrences, his health declined. He was sent away with more lenient family members who were less strict about people using chakra in order to securely get the help needed from the Mirage Village, which was several miles off the mountain. In fact, the two locations were in the same country at the time. Adequate Medical Ninjas were able to see to the appropriate help, healing him to the state of calm breathing, putting him on medicine for several months before he could return home to the sanctuary.

Alot had gone on in the past months, his Genin comrades had to replace him on missions, so he missed out on earning enough for the Chunin exams, which started a week after his arrival home. He now felt alone, and looked only to god as inspiration. His faith made him turn more radical, similar to his adoptive parents, making him see as people with chakra bearing a curse that only he could lift. He then decided on that day that he set out to make sure the scourge of the chakra-users would not interfere with this world's growth. He then set out for the next several months training, finding ways to improve his strategy, usage of increased true potential, and find out weaknesses of his fellow monks. If he knew what aspect they lacked, he could outdo them. He needed this rank up to be stronger for unexplained reasons.

After becoming a Chunin, he began to study the aspect of being an Assassin for the sanctuary, killing people who threaten their beliefs with their own principles. It seemed simple enough at first. He would just have to steal their spiritual energy to stop ninjutsu, and could get them when they're out of their element. Thus, it would be an easy victory. His only single prey he let get away was a man by the name of Fugotsu, a Taijutsu specialist that was incredibly fast, but violated many of the ideals of the clan. For this reason, they wanted Fogotsu dead, and to have his corpse in their hands as evidence. Aruji's only problem was keeping up, and dealing with this new breed of opponent. He easily, though, was overpowered by the shinobi's skill, and he was able to escape. Aruji can never stop thinking about this, even to the present; it will make him forever a failure.

He spent the next ten years of his life, arriving at age twenty in what seemed like no time, drifting into adulthood after finishing his training as an assassin. Upon learning how to be silent, search for his targets, and be even more stealthy, he was ready for what would be the next part of his life. He was hired to kill his parents; they were well known radicalists in the clan, and the fellow clansmen wanted them dead. He originally declined this, not wanting to kill his own parents. However, he was swayed with words of power, greed, and aspiration whispering into his ear. He committed the deadly deed on a long, March night, killing them in their sleep with simple slit necks, his silence being his most powerful ally. This sent the early adult into a spiral of depression over killing them, leaving him to be out of sight for the next ten years, but secretly he had been preparing to avenge his parents even if he was the one that killed them. At the age of 30, he began to make his own code of the Assassin, entitled for number four: Don't f*ck with family.

He went rogue, and defied his own clan in these following actions. He used all he learned from them, and even his own personal strategies aside from the basic operations they did on missions to kill. When word got out of his distressed state, the clansmen who ordered his execution had gotten bodyguards, otherwise known as Chakra Beasts, not Jinchuuriki, or even Bijuu, they simply were humans with large masses of chakra. It disgusted Aruji to see his clansmen defying their own beliefs, so he felt the need to bring it up when they die. He watched the patrols, moving silently around, and remaining undetected as with what he learned as an assassin. His breath disappeared, and so did any presence he once had in his original location, watching them; now, he struck before they could see it coming, tackling a lone Beast onto the ground, and breaking his neck. He then proceeded onwards, finding two facing opposite directions, gagging one and using his machete to slit their throat, killing them silently. Holding the corpse to keep them from making a sound, he moved quickly, terminating the other beast before they could act. Two more remained inside, unaware of what Aruji was doing on the otherside of the door. He had a mirror fragment, and used it at an angle so he could see inside the room without actually being there. He hid on the wall along the door, holding his machete and hunting knife, waiting for the two to investigate after he mysteriously opened the door without being detected. As one came out, got out of sight, and faced Aruji, he stabbed the man in the skull, killing him instantly as his mouth was covered. The other became suspicious after time, walking out to find the corpse. He was about ready to panic after seeing the other corpses, but up from above on a tree branch, Aruji came flying down. He used the machete and hunting to stab the lungs deep, killing them as their mouth was gagged by the grass and dirt in their mouth, keeping their death silent. The men and women inside, the clansmen, got worried as blood seeped through the bottom of the door, warning them of death. They wondered many things that nobody will ever know, but it is believed they were wondering if the beasts killed Aruji, or vice-versa. As one man tried running out, Aruji appeared in the silence of suspicion, grabbing his head, and twisting it to kill the man by breaking his neck. The other twelve clansmen panicked, unaware of how to survive his wrath.

"If any of you value your lives, you will point out who was the one responsible for sending in the orders to kill Yamato and Kishita Seishin," he was reported to have said. They pointed out a single man, a very old man, as the rest ran, and shut the door behind them. The old man was obviously very slow, and hadn't much skill. By what Aruji knew, he was very weak, and no longer capable of fighting even with the Seishin's Doujutsu ability of unlocking True Potential. He grabbed the old man by the neck with ease, placing him against a table with a blender, knives, forks, and a coffee machine that was busy heating up. He asked the old man of the reason for issuing the order. The man declined answering the question, resulting to Aruji pooring hot coffee over the man's face, giving moderate burns to his face and neck. The clothes allowed his chest, crotch, and legs to be spared. He asked again. The man had a strong will, saying he'd take the knowledge to his deathbed, which Aruji first warned would come very soon. He struck the man's chest with knives, causing blood to seep out his soft, saggy chest. It looked ugly, the blood being a color you would least expect, a more it was awfully gray and out of healthy color. He used the forks on the table to stab the extra skin, and force it through the body to pin the old man to the table, leaving him trapped unless giving himself more pain in the process of escaping.

He warned the man that he would give the man a brain slushy if he didn't cooperate immediately, indicating the nearby blender. He finally got what he wanted, the man confessing that the entire clan came to a vote on it, and he, as the Clan Elder, was the one to issue such a major order. He felt sickened to think about his clan assuming such a hideous action, and felt like murdering them all. He didn't, however, and instead snapped the old man's neck with single movements of the fingers, killing him a quick, clean way. He need time away until the next generation could change things, and make things tolerable in the temple. He abandoned the holy place, and went to Mirage, the place that healed him so kindly. He decided to study there in the arts of sensory, being closely related to the work of an assassin. Sensors could sense chakra, his clan's very energy, and he knew hiding his own "aura" (actually chakra) through becoming a sensory ninja would be beneficial to his goal of eradicating chakra users to make the world peaceful under his beliefs.

The mentor he had found him to be very disturbing with his religion, and even more strange with his bloodline. His mentor had just thought he was honestly stupid, ignorant, and unaware of what his "aura" actually was, considering it was chakra. Still, his mentor taught him until he was thirty, making his training approximately ten years. It was only for a simple mastery of the work of a Sensor ninja, locating people by chakra, remembering chakra, hiding chakra, the basics. It ensured he could be a better assassin. He was already silent, and by hiding chakra, he couldn't be tracked, so being in secrecy would ensure he never died in a fight. His mentality had grown a bit stronger, yet so did his arrogance, feeling that he could never lose. Though, the memories of the Taijutsu target he lost still haunted him. Still. It would never go away.

He returned the Temple of his Clan, wait, no, he didn't. It's in ruins. The village of Mirage discovered his Clan's whereabouts, and decided to end it by killing most of them off, except some survivors who scattered across the globe. Aruji was forced to abandon the ruins, and scatter off to his mentor for help, who surprisingly protected Aruji by denying knowing anyone by Aruji's last name. Aruji was clueless to this, but finally understood that some people accepted his kind, just like he accepted some of them. Regardless, he was still after completing his aspiration to cleanse the earth of chakra-users. He shook his mentors hand gladly, thanking him before he left to search for a place to live.

After ten years of work, he was able to get a steady amount of currency to get a home. It was in the middle-class district of Mirage, a calm place where there wasn't really any issues besides the hard-work everyone here did for their families, except for Aruji of course. He worked hard for himself, and got most of his money from assassination contracts and missions. He felt welcomed in the village, and started to feel bad about needing to terminate these people's lives. Ultimately, he sat down one night at the age of 45, concluding that this would be necessary to carry on the legacy of his clan. He had to, or else they would be forgotten.

Of course, he never achieved this goal. At the illustrious age of 50, he learned that doing this would only lead to consequences after witnessing a single, smart criminal be intelligently subdued by the black-ops of Mirage. He learned than that this would be difficult, and impossible with such a large population of chakra users and only him. He then realized that, perhaps his life wasn't set to this, and it was more set to teaching people not to live with chakra. He wanted to teach them that it was simply a tool; it wasn't what made up a fighter. He wanted them to understand that chakra isn't necessary to survive; they could be stronger without it. Chakra being a life force only made them weak, and people like him could teach them how to live.

For the next twenty-years, he began to study Fuinjutsu. As an Academy Student would learn, I assume, Fuinjutsu is the art of seals. This was very important in the Seishin Clan, as seals on their hands were the main vessel for taking spiritual energy. This was something he needed to master. Mastering this would be doing a favor to his parents' deaths, showing them he became strong for them, and would make them proud no matter what. It took long to progress, really requiring those twenty years to master, probably impossible to do so without that long period of time. Granted, he was mastering Taijutsu at the same time as well. However, it is fair to say that Taijutsu was short, probably five years of training to master, his original speed decreasing with age.

His last ten years, leading up to now, have been spent finishing the unlocking of his Doujutsu. He wanted to fulfill his clan duties by finishing the mastery, and unlocking all of his clan's bloodlimit. He felt this would complete him, as when he did finish on the day before his eightieth, he used his complete True Potential to carve into a log, creating his very own cane with just his bare hands. This becomes his major weapon in a fight, able to instill all of his statistics (Speed, Strength, etc.) into it to make it a dangerous weapon, especially with it's length. Now, as an eighty-year old man, he spends his days moving around, and meeting young shinobi and kunoichi. In his doings, he teaches them to forget the laws of using chakra for elemental ninjutsu, instructing them into his own path. The path of no chakra.

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Re: Seishin, Aruji; Mirage's Elder God (Complete)

Post by Furumetaru on Thu May 12, 2011 8:03 pm

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Re: Seishin, Aruji; Mirage's Elder God (Complete)

Post by Kaisui Kumosora on Thu May 12, 2011 8:43 pm


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Re: Seishin, Aruji; Mirage's Elder God (Complete)

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