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    Dolly "Lust" Kush Drakoras. [[Done? :DD ]]

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    Dolly "Lust" Kush Drakoras. [[Done? :DD ]]

    Post by Dolly "Lust" Drakoras on Mon May 16, 2011 2:00 am

    Dolly "Lust" Kush Drakoras.
    July 7th.
    Dolly is a tiny girl, sizing in only at 4'7''. Her hair is usually either down straight, or up in pigtails, her hair color changing almost daily. Her eyes tend to change with her mood, varying on how she feels that day. Her hands are a bit bigger for such a small girl, her having long, pianist type fingers.
    Ranging between a serious stature to a childish nature, Dolly's personality can vary. Insulting her with either make her laugh, or grow serious, more threatening than she would seem. Her self-esteem isn't very high, but she has enough self-confidence to stand up for herself.
    -Using your mind, and not just your hands.

    -Self-conceited imbeciles.
    -Many other things. (Spiders. ;~Wink

    Character Information

    Combat Strengths:
    -Knife fights.
    -Dog Barking?
    Combat Weaknesses:
    -7 kunai.
    -7 shuriken.
    -2 hunting type blades.
    -A 5 and a half foot sword named Mixxer.
    Ninja Skills:
    First: Genin
    Second: Genin
    Third: Locked till Chuunin
    Fourth: Locked till Chuunin
    Fifith: Locked till Jounin
    First: Genin
    Second: Locked till Chuunin
    Third Locked till Jounin
    Element(s): See Here for Element Rules

    Other Information



    Growing up in a rich family, Dolly was always the odd one out. Always outside, playing in the dirt, or getting all dirty, runnin' home and laughing about it all. Her brother and sister were uptight. Stuck-Up. Thought they were so much better. They turned their nose down on her because she was younger. Thinking her fun and games were "Oh you and your stupid ideas. Why don't you try growing up?"
    Her parents, weren't quite as bad. They were decent people I suppose you could say. If 'giving-your-kids-everything-they-want-in-the-world-just-cause-they-would-throw-a-bitch-fit-if-you-didn't' is considered a good parent. But mom and dad were amazing people. Always out and about, bustling and trying to set up family vacations, inviting along some friends and other families.
    But her brother, Etsuka, was always so rude. Sticking his tongue out every time he saw her. Calling her stupid. Pip-squeak. Dumb. Ugly. The whole nine yards. He acted like he was so much better than she was, as though he was the one who ruled the world. God how I despised him, praying for him to die every time that I went outside and played with the neighbor kid, Itsuo.
    My sister, wasn't any better. 'Princess Miyo', was what she told me to call her whenever I talked to her. Always thinking she was the best. On some days, she had me call her 'Queen Miyo', or else she would smack me around til I said it. Out shopping, maxing out credit cards, begging for money, Miyo had everything that any poor girl could only dream of. That's why me and her don't get along. I always share my things.
    Mama was a down right sweetheart. Always out doin' things for anybody. Runnin' to the store. Cleanin' up. Makin' food. Everything! It was like she was the maid... But the way daddy treated her made it seem like he abused her. I always thought he did, but don't tell no one.
    Papa....oh papa papa papa... He was so mean. He always called me the 'boy' of the family, askin' why I can't be more like my siblings. Scarin' me when he pops up outta no where, knowing I'm a little scared of the dark. Pitchin' a fit if i'm not the one setting the table. And yada yada yada. Complaining if his clothes weren't folded right.
    There. You met my family. Now you can know a little about my life.
    At the age of 3, my parents became rich. Apparently, Papa's mother, head of some big CEO company , had died and left them a load of _$_$_$_. Papa had gone and wasted a bunch of it on Sake, getting shit-faced with his friends and stumbling home, drunkenly singing his songs. Crashing about the house with another almost full bottle of Sake in his hand. Usually he would leave the Sake in the living room, and I would snatch it up, and drink it. But sshh..keep it a secret.
    But anyways, when she turned 5, that is when her brother and sister came into her life. Before that, she had always been the only child...except for the twin she was supposed to have. Her sister..Iyako. She was the odd one out. Named something that most people wouldn't expect. Dolly. Dolly Lust Kush Drakoras. Now why her parents gave her the name, she doesn't know. ((Going to first person speaking here.))
    I always wondered that question myself, about why I had to have the weird name of them all. Etsuka and Miyo. Those were normal names.
    When it came to schooling or training time, I had a few friends, but not to many. I was always the quiet one in the back, kicking up rocks but practicing her fighting at the same time. My hands were usually flowing in a fluid, graceful way, picking up water from the ground, and from puddles. The leader of her 'friend' group, was Taiyo-Chan. She was funny, sweet, pretty, and everyone loved her. I had secretly had a crush on her since my second year in school.
    She never noticed, until we were both at the age of 14, our birthdays coming up. We had the same birthday, July 7th. We had celebrated our birthdays together since we were only 5.
    But ever since her father came, she hasn't been the same. Like something is happening...I remember this one conversation we had...
    Me: "What's wrong Taiyo-Chan?"
    Taiyo: "Nothing..."
    Me: "Yes there is. I can tell. I know you Taiyo-Chan."
    Taiyo: "It's nothing I said...nothing."
    Me: "Taiyo...listen..if you won't tell me, then I will tell you this..." I took a deep breath. "I have had a crush on you for years..."
    Taiyo: "...You......"
    Me: I had nodded, my cheeks a bright pink before watching Taiyo come closer to me.
    Taiyo: "Dolly...." And her lips pressed to mine, my mind instantly going blank. I had just kissed her back...before one thing led to another. And the love of my life and I made love for the first time. But the next week tore me apart..
    Her mother died, and her father was convicted of rape...her going off to a foster home. We still write, even to this day, even though I haven't seen her in over a year..
    (( I am blanking on what else to write. But I am mostly done. Based off a real-life thing that happened to me. x.x ]]
    Dolly "Lust" Drakoras

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    Re: Dolly "Lust" Kush Drakoras. [[Done? :DD ]]

    Post by Orochimaru ~snake sage~ on Tue May 17, 2011 3:03 am

    this looks alright too me. so i approve
    Orochimaru ~snake sage~
    Orochimaru ~snake sage~

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