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The Six Gates Testing Areas

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The Six Gates Testing Areas

Post by Naito "Boss" Kuki on Sat May 21, 2011 4:40 pm

These six gates hold the weapons many want to posses but only those of true killing instinct will even get a chance at even getting to the grounds that are the testing areas that surround each Gate. Each Gate not only holds the weapon but the knowledge that comes with such powerful items. Naito Kuki is both the creator of these powerful weapons but also he will be testing any ninjas male or female who think they are what it takes to open a gate. However beware it could be possible to die or serious injury.

-Person who wants test must post first and give description of area and their person entrance once they had found a Gate. Then I will test people one at a time and anyone testing that doesn't post within 24 hrs will lose their chance if a good reason for not posting is accepted-

So who first wants to test your skills with "The Demon"?

"I Am Forsaken's Demon"

Naito "Boss" Kuki

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Re: The Six Gates Testing Areas

Post by Furumetaru on Sat May 21, 2011 8:40 pm

The trip wasn't so easy. There appeared to be a chakra-glob like creature blocking my path; the fools. I drained their spirit energy, removing their chakra to weaken them, allowing me to take them out relatively easier with their reduced chakra quantity from no spirit energy to keep the chakra stable. "Heathens," I said bitterly as I walked past them, making their corpses follow me with a simple technique I engineered with my clan's abilities. I groaned as I walked through, the numbers moving in my head made my body spin, the beast caught me, and I road on it's back to my next destination. Next on the list to the gate, I thought, would be the cavern of death. "What a bad name for tourists," I said with a snicker, the beast doing wall-climbs, leaping from ledge to ledge of the two enclosed walls, moving quicker this way. As it got high enough, it let itself land down on it's feet, and carry him to the end of the cavern. It wasn't so 'death' as I thought. A couple of human, and nonhuman skeletal structures laid on the dry ground but nothing more. The last step to the gate was crossing through the swamp, something I let the beast keep it's dignity from doing. I let it 'die' and simply took it's spirit energy I used to control the corpse, leaving it there as I walked on the water of the swamp, my 'aura' (chakra) allowing me to stand on the water, using the body flicker to make myself move quicker through the swamp. Then, I approached the gate, meeting it's final protector. There was a corpse matching the appearance of Kisame Hoshigaki. It wasn't strong, and was weakened due to the seal of the gate. He told me that he'd eat me like I was shrimp, and expose the truth. I was baffled at his words, and deemed them to be useless talk for a deadman. I laughed slyly at the joke, and pulled out my Machete and Hunting Knife. I moved quickly, him commenting on my speed, surprised I had this much speed at this old age. Easily defeating him with my two weapons, I told him he was out of his league, and his prime, before I decapitated his living corpse. Not only that, he had no control over the elements, and lack of the famous weapon of his. With all this done, I entered the gate, and approached the man who made me smirk; I saw his face before in someone else's spirit, that person being an Uchiha and the man the Uchiha hated was him: Naito Kuki.

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