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    Alchemist Assembled

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    Alchemist Assembled

    Post by Furumetaru on Fri May 27, 2011 5:34 pm

    This isn't Major Havoc, Mustang, or Briggs. This is you. The next generation of Alchemists, Homunculi, and even Chimeras. It's not a question of how strong you are, how fast you are in speed-wise, or how highly advanced your fighting styles are. Here, the only limit you have on your abilities is your imagination. No restrictions on what you can, and cannot do, within our only code of conduct for Alchemists: Equal Exchange. This law cannot be bypassed, but, perhaps maybe you - the alchemists of tomorrow can find a way to overthrow this. It's all in your hands. Will you purge the infestation of the seven homunculi and their new leader? Or will you join them, bringing forth the wrath of whomever they call their leader?

    Things have changed. Edward and his brother Al, while both having bodies decades ago, are now dead. Peace has been restored to the world, and Father and his 'children' are of no more. However, this doesn't guarantee peace. Amestris is getting involved in another war, and out of the rise, Homunculii have been resurfacing somehow. With the hero of Amestris, Edward, being dead... who can be here to stop this threat? And who might this new leader be? It is up to the hands of time to judge this moment.

    There is no world with no rules; they prevent the proud from stealing, and the weak from dying due to lack of supplies, the ones the proud would steal. These rules are rather simple, though, so best be followed.

    1. A "" is asked, and shall be enforced for those wishing to be a part of AA. If not, they will receive warnings, and eventually banning. Think of your fellow members, and follow this rule.
    2. It is asked, and enforced not to use *, - or any of the like for actions. You should do like so. Edward hissed, chasing his armor-bodied brother in the sand, annoyed that Alphonse keeps sinking in the sand when he least expects it.
    3. Do not beg, or bother staff to enlist you in the staff. We will remove you from our list of possible new-staff members if is done so.
    4. RP more than just a line, perhaps a paragraph will be fine. Just, don't submit short RP posts. Use description and detail, but not so much it takes your fellow RPer a half-hour to read.
    5. PM me for the link to the site with proof you can RP as I requested. It will be a real pain if people just have the link, and don't adhere to the rules or just do what they want in their posts. It really ruins the quality of the experience.

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