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Ashura Clan Empty Ashura Clan

Post by Inazuma Ashura on Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:11 pm

Name of Clan: Ashura Clan

Name of Bloodline: Gōki ~ Great Demon

Clan History: the Ashura clan hails from the mirage village and was there since the times during its founding. during the times of war the clans revered skills were put to the test and as they ran through the enemy lines, they're fame increased just as much as the enemy army's body count. the fear of the clan grew just as much as their respect for their loyalty and valor. during a the time of calamity, the village was downed by a tailed beast and many members were lost and or migrated at that point of time which is why many arent heard from in present time. although the clan has much fame and respect, their past leader was of much evil and darkness and within the data books, he is only "presumably" deceased in which the mirage village elders feel that many attacks upon the village is his blame alone.

Bloodline Type: Innate, Taijutsu

Bloodline Information: this clan is one that uses eight gates and swift release, possessing a variety of clan taijutsu and body mechanisms that works hand and hand with the eight gates and the clan's kekkei genkai swift release. once we activate the gates, passing the 3rd causes our body to transform into a demon like body (similar look of sakon or ukon) to give us a form that can sustain the gates, nullifying its ill effects while augmenting the strength and the traits that go with it to a balanced level....meaning our bodies adapt to the stress thats being forced and making it minimal. this works by the gates actually releasing the same large increments of chakra once open as the typical shinobi yet in controlled streams and forcing the body into a change by using the massive amounts of excess chakra into a self sustaining advanced transformation jutsu. the complete outlook differs from clansmen to clansmen, as does: controll, skill, power and technique. it should be noted that an large amount of strength comes natural to them.

swift release would make us hard to hit by any direct attack, if not close to impossible by any taijutsu. although the clan knows the swift element, the direct use of ninjutsu would be close to impossible but not improbable, still being able to use their element(s) in chakra flow or short intense burst of chakra. they possess a bit of an below average chakra pool, normal shinobi's pools against ours being 1 to .9 but possesses a massive amount of stamina, being 3.5 to 1. due to the speed at which we move, we also possess something called a technician's mind which is active the moment they are born. this body mechanism is meant to process everything we are doing at an accelerated pace, increasing the reflexes and eliminating the possibility of tunnel vision or getting hit more often with counter attacks. this is possible because of the clan's bloodline along with years of conditioning down the generations.

Bloodline Ultimate Form: the clansmen can reach the eighth gate and although the transformation is in effect, this can still be proven fatal if immediate care is not in effect within several hours upon deactivation of the eighth gate, but, gives far more power due to the body tearing down slower than that of the typical shinobi.

--Massive amount of stamina
--Impeccable reflexes
--chakra control
--High durability

--Below average chakra pool
--Ninjutsu nearly impossible to use directly
--Uncontrollable fury pass the 6th gate (permanent)

Clan symbol:
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Inazuma Ashura
Inazuma Ashura

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Ashura Clan Empty Re: Ashura Clan

Post by Kyoshiro Kumosora on Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:31 pm


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