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Coming Of A New Age

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Coming Of A New Age Empty Coming Of A New Age

Post by Kyoshiro Kumosora on Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:19 pm

Due to too many wars and attempting to manipulate the dimensional barriers, the barriers between the dimensions and their respective realities and time lines have been destroyed causing them to collide and mash together. This however made the universe and cosmic grand design unstable those throwing everything into chaos. In order to save the legacies of those remaining alive from their demise, the people of all the different realities gathered all those who had the power to bend time and space as well as reality and dimensions to their will and had them band together to stabilize this new world. However this came at a great price as in doing so those who preformed this act needed sacrifice there life force as well as a lot of others so that they would have enough power to pull this off. Before giving their lives to stabilize a world for their respective legacies to thrive the canons of each reality left scrolls of all their techniques and social structures hidden underground for their respective legacies to follow.

The legacy of the shinobi and samurai world scattered the land conquering everything and recreated their social structure throughout this New Age world. Even though the samurai and ninja claimed all the land, they preferred to continue the peace that began in the time of their ancestors. Sharing skills and techniques and intermarrying with each other. Though their was peace, lurking in the shadows the shinigami remained hidden, increasing their power but managing to stay under the radar believing that there was only an illusion of peace in this world and they needed to remain hidden and protect the remaining zanpaktou that was left by their ancestors. Unknown to everyone, many dark organizations established themselves in the depths of the shadows, buying their time and strengthening their forces before they reveal themselves to the new world. Some created a few centuries before the instability of the dimensions and others created a few centuries after the 4th Ninja War.

However with two all powerful otherworldly beings of death scheming in the shadows, will things remain peaceful? In this New Age where everyone has their own code and goals, will this peaceful atmosphere last? Or will it be destroyed by the workings of these beings of death having restored to life some villains of old such as a few members of the once all powerful Akatsuki? Will it be destroyed by warring villages, individual ninja, samurai or what? And what is this Soldiers of Death business? Who is this newly forming organization and what are its motives? How will they factor into the fragile balance of power and peace the world is set in?

Within a few villages lie sealed temples. What are the purposes of these temples? What is hidden within these temples? Who created them? These are some of the questions that crossed the minds of those who came across these temples. The only thing placed on the bottom of them is a warning sign stating ‘Chaos and destruction shall be unleashed on the world if this seal is ever broken.’ Looking further it is also seen an instruction to break the seal which reads ‘Whoever insists on breaking the seal and venturing inside this temple can find the secrets of this temple in Dante’s Journal, hidden where souls are most prominent.’

Though their was an even power distribution among every village and clan. There were still a few ninja that rose to be great leaders, while others were aspiring future leaders. Training and sharing ideas the villages grew together, always remaining at the same level. These factors left some of the hidden organizations wondering if the villages would remain together if there was an outside force attempting to destroy them. Or would they split apart the moment a sign of trouble breaks out? Either way these organizations wanted to explore this thoroughly. Beginning the mystery that is the New Age…

(Contributions from Kai ~Bringer Of Death~ and Akahana Hyuuga)

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Coming Of A New Age Empty Re: Coming Of A New Age

Post by Orochimaru ~snake sage~ on Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:21 pm

i love the story. but what i wanna know is how many years is it based into the future
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Coming Of A New Age Empty Re: Coming Of A New Age

Post by Meian Uchiha on Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:36 am

I like the multiple cliff-hangers.It keeps the readers and actual players on the site on the edge.I've been wondering what are those places for awhile now.Dante's Journal seems to interest me alot now. You two basically already acknowledged everything we've given feedback on in the other topic.This plotline in sure have plots and twist within it.I'll just play my role for now and watch it all unfold.


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Coming Of A New Age Empty Re: Coming Of A New Age

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