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Blue Horsemen Despair

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Blue Horsemen Despair

Post by The Source on Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:21 am

Swords Name: Soul Cutter


Description: A powerful and sentient katana that has experienced the pain and suffering of many. This blade can and will only be used by one user and that is the Horsemen Despair. This blade became indestructible through all the blood residue that has made it stronger throughout the years since it was created. This blade also has several unique abilities.

1. This blade creates a sphere of influence, centered on itself, with a 50-mile radius. Within this sphere, everyone is drained of their reason to exist instantly after this sword is drawn. Extreme apathy takes over the minds of all those exposed to Soul Cutter's power, and they simply stop caring about everything.

2. This sword also makes everyone exposed to it feel the need for whatever they lack. Be it food, sex, money, etc. anyone exposed to it is consumed by only their desires and doesn’t care for the consequence of their action until it’s too late.

3. This blade becomes stronger every time it is used to kill.

Drawbacks: This blade takes a lot of chakra and stamina to maintain and can be used constantly for a maximum of 8 hours (8 posts) before the user passes out. If the sword is knocked from the user’s hands or dropped, its abilities are immediately negated.
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