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Kyoshiro Kumosora ~Lord Of Darkness~/~King of the Underworld~

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Kyoshiro Kumosora ~Lord Of Darkness~/~King of the Underworld~

Post by Kyoshiro Kumosora on Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:38 pm

General Information

Name: Kyoshiro Kumosora
Nickname: Kyo
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Height: 3ft 11in
Weight: 55 lbs
DOB: January 28th
Appearance: Kyo wears an all black vest with crimson red pair of jeans that has black lightning reining down from the waist of the pants and black flames rising from the bottom of the pants foot. He also wears an all black pair of sneakers and all black medical tape which wraps around his hands and extends to his elbows. Unlike his older brother Kyo was born with his father’s signature golden hair. Rather than keeping it the same length and style as his father he grew it so that it would touch his shoulders, dying it black at times so it matches his outfit and darkening personality..
Personality: Kyo is very reserved and has a hard time displaying emotions. He is very violent and cold hearted to other men and acts like a pervert all the time around some women, just to amuse himself. Kyo is always appears calm but is willing to kill at the drop of a dime.
Likes: Money, girls, food and controversy.
Dislikes: Everything else.

Character Information

Rank: Genin
Country: Mirage Country
Combat Strengths: high IQ which gives him the ability to analyze and come up with great tactical advice, speed (Naturally as fast as the 4th Hokage), strength, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu and immunity to Fuuinjutsu(sealing jutsu).
Combat Weaknesses: Can be over confident at times and leaves myself wide open those times, also vulnerable to Genjutsu.
Equipment: 10 Tri-tipped Kunai, 20 Shurikens and 15 Senbons. All Kyo’s equipment bear his seal which allows him to keep track of all of them.
Weapon: A Sword named Tenro (translation: Sky Wolf). Tenro is one of the Four Great Demon Blades that the great swordsmith Muramasa forged. Its curve and cut are things of beauty. It is approximately five shaku (equivalent to five feet) long and it cannot be broken, cracked, bent, or dulled. It has no problem cutting through steel weapons or solid iron. Basically, it is an indestructible nodachi that only I can wield. It seems to have a mind of its own, and chooses the one who wields it. Apparently, it chose me and enjoys working with me. The only other who has been seen to wield Tenro is Muramasa, the creator.
Ninja Skills: {Skills like Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu}
First: Taijutsu
Second: Kenjutsu
Third: Locked till Chuunin
Fourth: Locked till Chuunin
Fifith: Locked till Jounin
Classification: Your Job/Classification
First: Assassin
Second: Locked till Chuunin
Third Locked till Jounin
Element(s): Void(bloodline) and Darkness

Other Information

Family: Kaisui Kumosora(older brother)


Bio: Kyoshiro Kumosora actually goes by two names though one he no longer acknowledges one in favor of the other. Those names are Kyoshiro Namikaze and his current name Kyoshiro Kumosora. Kyo is one of the founders of the Kumosora clan so far consisting of only two members himself and its cofounder his older brother Kaisui Hatake now better known as Kaisui Kumosora or Kai for short. Kyo while being a founder of the Kumosora clan along with his older brother is also the sole heir of the Namikaze clan a clan inherited from his father who trained him solely and intensely in all the styles of the Namikaze before her untimely demise. His brother Kai underwent similar training though in the ways of the Hatake by their mother who has left Kai the sole heir of the Hatake with his equally untimely demise. Kyoshiro became a genin at the age of 5 just like his older brother did in the past due to his display of skill. He is currently on a two man team with his older brother.

For more info on Kyoshiro Namikaze/Kyoshiro Kumosora read the Kumosora bloodline.

P.S: I got too lazy on the bio part so don't judge me!!! Very Happy

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Re: Kyoshiro Kumosora ~Lord Of Darkness~/~King of the Underworld~

Post by Kaisui Kumosora on Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:48 pm


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