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The Forsaken Temple In The Dark Depths

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The Forsaken Temple In The Dark Depths

Post by Fukurou Washi on Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:37 pm

*A ancient temple that reside within the deepest cavern in The Forsaken Heaven's Country was said to have been created by "The Guardian Of The 3 Gods" for a unique group of monks. The are very religious and try to give anyone who threatens them a kind warning to stay away. However that is all they will do because they don't believe in backing down and showing fear or signs of pain. They have had created their own Taijutsu style and also a few unique jutsus that only someone trained in the temple can obtain. Their Taijutsu style is called "Steel Dragonfly Palm" and in its teaching it also forces the monks to never feel pain with some extreme methods that few survive but it makes them able to fight even if their death has already been secured, The style also creates steel like skin which the reason why these monks don't use bladed type weapons because its pointless. Instead they training with unique non-bladed weapons that they use with incredible power because thats the only way you can hit another monk in training to show you even hit them. Their Jutsus are also only known to those trained in the temple and who are given the title of "Monk" before receiving a mark that allows them to then be able to read sacred scrolls written by "The Gaurdian", Their God himself to help them defend what he had created and to also protect "The Forsaken Heavens" at all costs. The jutsus are quite unique in the fact that only the user can give it the power needed which means all are unique to the monk, Some monks version of a jutsu is more powerful than other because they have had longer or more training than others. They are polite monks at first and are known to practice other dark arts but only as defenses for the temple or country when they are in dire need of help. However only one remains for now because most warriors don't want to be Monks because they are thought of as weak but Fukurou continues their ways and now watches over they temple.*
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Fukurou Washi

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